Follow the Money

At the root of everything is the money and funds that enable its creation. We often hear “follow the money” in political and election conversations, as if that’s the only realm where money influences power, action, and decisions. Foundations, foreign policy, non-profits, journalism, scientific studies, industry research, universities, corporate-owned mass media, alternative/independent media, medical protocols, lobbyists, mass organized protests, global banks, disease treatments, cure campaigns, fact-checking websites, advertising, underwriting, social media, and endless examples prove if you dig deep enough, wade through the propaganda, and follow the money, you will reveal the purse strings that drive everything.

Money and profit are the spine and epoxy that holds the mass media ecosystems in place for the sponsors, advertisers, and industry stakeholders that rely on these distribution channels to push their narratives, messages, ideologies, agendas, and sell their products. Part of the decoding and deconstructing of messages, scripts, production elements, product placement, facts, opinions, propaganda, and content is understanding who owns the station or media outlet and who controls and edits what’s shared. The accompanying imagery, symbols, video, film, chosen music, and soundtracks are deliberate.

Silhouette Of People Working In Big Production StudioOwnership influences content and it certainly shapes what is shown, spoken, broadcast, transmitted, and published. Don’t be bamboozled by the illusion, contrived authority, precisely crafted messages, and slick and lustrous productions. It is all constructed, designed, and carefully manufactured based on ownership, sponsors, and advertisers, –and ultimately the almighty dollar and the bank accounts they fill.

Who owns the media you consume? Are you aware of who is the driving force behind the information you devour, follow, and seek? Have you noticed how much the content is fabricated and steered by ownership? Learn who owns the media outlet and recognize who wrote, directed, or developed the program, sponsored the ad, printed the article, published the newspaper, wrote an “advertorial”, and why, for clues along the money trail. (Amazon/Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and a Big Pharma vaccine billionaire recently bought the LA Times, for example.)

On average, 63% of people source some of their news from social media outlets. For social media, understanding who owns the platform, website, or app, which advertisers or sponsors contribute, and who has financial stakes in its success also determines what is allowed according to their proprietary policies, rules, and community standards. FaceBook owns Instagram (purchased for 1 billion) and What’s App (purchased for 19 billion)Five stockholders own Twitter and Twitter owns Periscope (the live-video streaming app). LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft. Google owns YouTube (purchased for $1.65 billion).

Follow the money.

In an earlier blog post about the rampant and escalated censorship across social media, I wrote about how social media users are regularly being censored and banned from FaceBook, to Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Since that blog post, I discovered there is an organization, Online Censorship, (formed in 2015), designed to track users’ censorship where social media users can submit a censorship report. Has anyone heard of this organization? You probably haven’t seen it promoted through traditional social media networks and didn’t even know it existed.

stop censorship free mind no suppression freedom of speech and tEven assorted search engines generate different results and censor based on ownership. Experiment with Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to witness how search results are ranked, which key words do not net extensive results, and which results have been scrubbed clean and removed. What implications for censoring content that doesn’t comply with search engines’ or social media platform’s ownership, standards, and policies have on the access and free flow of information? Plenty.

The deregulation of media from the Telecommunications Act of 1996 resulted in US media ownership and consolidation in 1983 from 50 media company owners to six in 2018. Six owners control most of the mainstream media in the US. These six parent companies control much more than content in their extensive spiral of cross-platform subsidiaries, but also book/film distribution, movies/television programs, theme parks, magazines, radio/television broadcasting stations, sports teams, film production companies, cell phone and cable carriers, websites, newspapers, publishing and social media companies, etc.

Radio Transmitter. Tower With Tv Signal Transmitter. City With BEditors, writers, directors, producers, executive producers, donors, sponsors, underwriters, and more – all have a hand in the development process and contribute to the content, messages, and images/videos woven within. What is shown, what is omitted, what viewpoints are included or not – all are factors connected to ownership, financial interests, the chain of command, and who truly holds the ultimate editorial and distribution power.

Owners and stakeholders influence editorial, broadcast, and publishing decisions, and guide the direction of what is shared on a mass level. Transparency of deep money pockets is often not clear or disclosed by design. Financial stakes and interests can be revealed if you investigate and submerge below the surface to discover who is really behind the message and how ownership largely affects content.

Concentration of ownership and power is dangerous and not conducive to accessing a variety of viewpoints, diversified representation, or choice. Concentration of ownership reduces media plurality and selection. An overload of 800+ channels and there still isn’t much that is interesting or thought-provoking to watch. All owned by same companies, pushing the same message, with constant repetition, and carbon copies of one another. Mergers and the game of media Pac-Man resulted in our current media oligopoly. Controlling the distribution makes it much easier to manipulate and control the views, beliefs, content, and viewers/users.

Television Streaming Video. Media Tv On DemandHow can we truly have a democratic republic without the Fourth Estate (the media) protecting and informing the people? Instead mass media has become the 3rd arm of the government and the military industrial complex, an extension of Big Pharma, and an amplified voice for the those in power. When there is a conflict of interest, it challenges and disables production of a balanced report or truthful findings. There is both direct and indirect pressure to regurgitate and parrot media owners’ beliefs, viewpoints, and stances on issues. Internal self-censorship regularly occurs within news agencies. Isn’t this counterproductive for democracy, effective journalism, and freedom of speech?

How about we return the airwaves, publishing freedom, and the social internet to the people? Where the people drive their communication, their content (both developed and shared), customize how they want to use the platform, and decide what content enhances and adds meaning to their life without it being filtered through the media oligopoly and content gatekeepers? The platform designed to protect your privacy, your content, your freedom of speech — while encouraging the creation and collaboration of ideas and inspired action is unveiling soon! Sign up for updates at, for the new name release, and platform launch!

~ Melissa A. Curtin





Align to infinite possibilities!

What possibilities will you align with for the new year and beyond?

Possibilities are infinite. Endless. Limitless. Expansive.


“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Remove the horse-blinders and break through restricting barriers, limits, and illusions. Embrace what is possible. Release what did not serve you for 2018 and breath in unlimited potentiality and possibilities for 2019.

The potential for what’s emerging. Your potential. The potential for a new paradigm. New growth. The potential to reinvent. The potential to rise up and step up in ways you haven’t even conceived yet. The potential to freely embrace possibilities and your authentic self.

Great Potential

“See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” – Ralph Marston

1Watercolor Copy 3

Be bold. Be free. Be independent. Be free of programming. Be free of binding systems. Be free to be in your truth. Be free of the old paradigm. Be free to persevere and pioneer an unchartered path forward. Just be.

Meditative Rock Maze In The Evening Sun.How will you engage technology and use social media this year as a catalyst and stepping stone to ignite change and take action? How best can media, technology, and communications effectively serve you? Allow you to make a difference? Make your life easier? Streamline and enhance your business? Contribute to your creative expression? Corral your data, organize, and leverage your content? Where can it provide freedom and liberty? Help you stay better connected to those you trust and respect? Tree Made Of Colorful Human Hands In Branches Creates A VibrantAs a content creator, artist, business developer, activist, truth seeker, educator, advocate, truth teller and critical thinker, what ideas are you percolating and brewing? What would you like to develop? Create? Accomplish? Change? Share? Invent? Discuss? Who would you like to connect with? Collaborate? Educate? Inspire? What conversations, issues, and topics will you instigate forward and illuminate? Shape shift? Transform? Resolve? Heal? Problem-solve? Bring to justice?

How will you contribute to the paradigm shift?

Paradigm Shift in word collageThe platform’s roll-out is imminent. Bring your phosphorescent being to its launch. Your energy, wisdom, truth, creativity, content, authenticity, integrity, collaboration, and engagement will drive innovation within the platform — and light the way. Use the new platform as a landing zone and launching pad for infinite possibilities! Sign up for updates and platform release info at – (stay connected for the new name unveiling)!

New Year 2019 MedellaHere’s to co-creating possibilities this year!

~ Melissa A. Curtin




What is your reality reflecting?

The winter season and the end of the year is an ideal time to reflect upon your blessings and appreciate the lessons learned throughout the year. A time to go within, take an inner pulse on personal spiritual development, recuperate, and replenish one’s spirit. A marvelous opportunity to create intentions and ignite inspiration for the upcoming year.

Reflecting upon 2018, what brought you the most joy? Where did you offer your authentic self and true nature? Where did you witness the most growth and expansion? What opportunities did you have to extend your wisdom? Where did you make a difference in someone’s life? Where did you seize the moment to raise awareness, educate, or raise the vibration or frequency around an issue or areas of concern?

If you were not able to express your authentic self, feel you did not make a difference with your actions or behaviors in the lives of others, step up for an issue of concern, and contribute to elevating consciousness or awareness, what held you back? What prevented you? What caused hesitation or reluctance? Was it an external influence or something within yourself that inhibited you?

Soul And Spirituality Abstract Concept  For Mourning And World H

Take an honest inventory of where you invested your attention in 2018. Where was your focus, energy, intention, and awareness directed? Was it in appreciation, love, gratitude, trust, empowerment, hope, abundance, progress, inspiring change, uplifting, and positive? Was it in disgust, apathy, anger, rage, disempowerment, lack, stagnation, angst, stress, fear, and negative? A combination? No judgment needed. Just a chance to reflect and gauge where your energy, focus, and awareness pivoted and landed. Recall where your attention was centered and recognize the areas that grew, expanded, and improved, and the places where little to no shifts occurred. Is there a connection?

What you choose to focus upon and give your energy and awareness to becomes your reality for better or worse. Your reality is determined by your choices, both conscious and not. Your reality is a reflection of what you resonate with, what you allow in your energetic field and mental head space – and what you rise to or match energy with, positive, neutral, or negative.

What is your reality reflecting?

What are you resonating and in alignment with or not?

Vision Of Radial Oscillation

“Energy flows where attention goes.” – Napoleon Hill

Be mindful of where you direct your attention. What you tune into with your personal frequency becomes your reality and experience. Whether that is being proactive and self-motivated to improve your life, leading with a growth mindset, who you spend your time and interact with, or if you’re absorbed with others’ problems, swept away with things out of your control, consumed with what’s on the news stations, or hypnotized by social media feeds.

The media and messaging we tune into influences the reflected reality we create and perceive by choice or default. What we watch or listen to, what we are affected by, what we choose to address or ignore, what we allow or disallow to feel agitated, marginalized, victimized, disempowered, or not. Where we zoom in with our deliberate attention and how we react all determines what we bring to our reality.

It’s easy to be on auto pilot and triggered when it comes to consuming chronically negative or upsetting media messages. It can be habitual to just accept what we are fed and the “feed” we are given and scroll through. Amongst the media mix, we are fed bullshit served up throughout every part of the day and night. Unless we purposefully create awareness, develop, and sharpen our discerning critical eye, we must find time to tune out, pull back from the noisy static, distractions, disruptions, and detach, — or we experience indigestion and overwhelm from the toxins and drift from our inner truth.

Discover your truth, what is true, relevant, and meaningful for you. Tap into your own thoughts and energy and avert getting sucked into the swirling shit-storm of static, frenetic energy.

bigstock--190088719Thoughts are energy. Energy is vibration. What are you thinking about? Focusing upon? Emanating with your vibration? Where, what, and how much energy you devote your attention to contributes to its growth, momentum, and expansion.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nicola Tesela

Adjust your frequency. Raise your vibe. Surround yourself with what energizes you. Be apart of the solution, not the problem. When we work together in an empowered, aligned, and inspired state, we are the solution. You are the solution when you bring your authentic self, inspired ideas, and wisdom. 

Intricate Oscillation

  • What would you like to learn, discover, and investigate this year?
  • Where would you like to collaborate and connect?
  • What problem would energize you to solve?
  • What do you desire to include in your vibration?
  • What would make your life easier? More enjoyable? More efficient and productive? More prosperous? More harmonious?
  • What would you like to see reflected in your reality?

What intentions and visions will you hold in your heart for the new year?

Will this be the year you seek truth and fully bring yours?

What frequency will you resonate with for the holidays, 2019, and in the future?

bigstock-Petals-Of-Oscillation-267970417.jpgLet’s magnetize peace, harmony, compassionate listening, authentic connection, journalistic and personal integrity, the free uncensored flow of information, where privacy is valued and honored, and an effective outlet for empowered action. Let’s create an elevated forum for creating, sharing, collaborating, and engaging with one another to positively shift humanitarian and global issues, to inspire change, catapult action, and mass awakening.

We’d be honored to have you participate and bring your wisdom and truth to a platform designed for conscious engagement, and propelling conversations, information, and technology forward. The rollout is incredibly close. The founder and team are energized for the opportunity to provide an arena and a utility for everyone’s benefit. Join us at for pre-launch updates and be the first to learn of the new name and launch date!

With peace, love, and vibrant energy,

~Melissa A. Curtin

How essential is online privacy?

Online privacy is not just about your internet service provider (ISP) or search engines tracking which sites you visit and which keywords you search for, cyber security, or the risk of having your financial or personal information hacked or leaked. It’s also about your data and content being heavily tracked and surveilled, captured and sold. And the manipulation and commodification of this data/content, the security or lack thereof for where your personal information is disclosed and dispersed, and who is granted access — with and without your knowledge, consent, or approval.

Managing and controlling what you share and determining who sees your info should be up to you, the user, the content creator, and disseminator of the information — not up to or guarded by corporations, lobbyists, or governments.

Does privacy matter to you? How discerning are you with what you share? Are you in control of and carefully monitor to whom you share?

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” Edward Snowden

Are you concerned about your data, photos, and content being harvested, aggregated, mined, sold, and stored without your permission? Have you read the privacy policies of the social media platforms, apps, and the sites you frequently visit? Are you willingly providing permission to FaceBook and other social media outlets to listen to your conversations and then advertise and market related products to you?

Female Blue Eye Looking Through The Keyhole. Concept Of VoyeurisTechnology companies and financial institutions are infamous for breaching privacy and revealing data. The FaceBook/Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018 demonstrates how vulnerable we are just by participating in mainstream social media outlets. You are unable to fully control how these tech companies use or abuse your information in-house or with third-party sources. FaceBook is not the only platform that has been found guilty of the misuse and abuse of information, Twitter has also come under scrutiny for similar actions. (Twitter accounts by default are set to “public”, but you can change the setting and select “private”.) As technology evolves, user protection and tightened privacy features should be a cornerstone and a fundamental element to internet navigation and social media.

Press Enter Button On The Keyboard Computer Shield Cyber Key LocThe current social media reality illustrates that online privacy is an oxymoron. Entering social media internet platforms resembles wearing your underwear outside your clothes or stitching the red letter “A” across your sleeve. You’re on display in blinking neon lights, exposed, dancing in a fishbowl.

Neon Color Line Icon Set of bubble emoticons for web and mobile.Once posted, your information is chiseled within the internet tombstone. A timestamped digital trail of everything you write, say, photograph, comment on, share, save, and do. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, tracking your every move, every blink, every click, like, love, and angry emoticon. Big brother, and all of his third-removed cousins, sisters, and nosy-ass mother-in-laws, peeping Toms, Dicks, and Harriets. Reverse transparency where the users’ every move is on neon display – while the platforms discreetly and purposefully hide their motives in fine print. Their cookie policies, their data sharing, mining, and selling strategies to third-parties, and their absurd censorship based on their “community standards” and discriminatory policies against content that’s in conflict with their funders. If we choose to participate, we must “accept their terms and agreements.” If not, then we must voluntarily extricate and eject ourselves from their advertising based platforms. And that’s ok!

Don’t resign your rights and be so eager to give away your personal info to drooling data miners. You can also turn off third-party sharing with changing the “platform apps on/off” setting on FaceBook to disable the auto logging in from external app, websites, and plugins. Of course these features aren’t widely promoted or known by most users.

Should you be fearful of internet privacy issues? This analyst believes so – but instead of falling into the trap of data breaching and allowing your personal info and data to be prostituted and captured by tech companies, or settling and sticking with disingenuous platforms, consider alternatives for search engines, like DuckDuckGo and decentralized/ independent platforms. Pursue a new platform utility that will never sell your data or sell you out. One that stores and protects your identity, data, content, privacy, intellectual property, and dignity. Built using blockchain technology where the users’ data are protected in a complex encrypted “transparent and incorruptible” block system. The users’ content are locked, safe, and protected by the encrypted system.


Security. Privacy. Trust. Transparency. Integrity. 

You are the only one who should determine what you reveal about your self, your business, what content you share, how you share or monetize it, and decide who you want to share it with.

Join to engage in a free uncensored platform utility that puts the user in the driver’s seat — where you determine how your content and personal info is shared, with who, and its reach. Let’s stretch into a new paradigm of what’s possible and not cave into the anti-privacy abyss. Privacy has vanished across the social media stratosphere along with integrity, class, respect, and decency. Shall we shift it for the better together?

Be discerning and protective of your content, data, information, and your self. Be part of the change to elevate social internet platform standards. Be apart of the privacy, data protection solution, and digital transformation!

Launching in January 2019 – sign up for pre-roll out updates at (new name will be unveiled soon)!

~ Melissa A. Curtin






Let’s crack the social media mold.

Social media platforms and content sharing websites offer tremendous value, yet they are also abundant and riddled with problems, issues, flaws, pain points, and annoyances. With growing choices and splintering options, users join and belong to numerous platforms to fulfill and satisfy their speckled social, business, content, creative, media, connection, storage, sharing, community, and networking needs. But to achieve all of users’ desired needs, wishes, wants, and nice to haves, there hasn’t been one platform in the kaleidoscope mix that has effectively delivered in all categories.

Christmas Mandala-snowflake Kaleidoscope Sequence. Abstract BackThis isn’t to suggest that there needs to be an umbrella platform that caulks the gap and supplies everything for everybody. However, for those seeking better time management, efficiency and effectiveness with their social internet endeavors, integrity, and a central, secure, and safe portal to hold and share what’s truly relevant, essential, and important, while aligned with being the change *and* taking action, — the search continues.

Existing platforms provide their unique flavor, their visionary contribution to the digital realm, and engage their eclectic users within the constraints of their distinct offerings. Each of the prevailing social media platforms have their limits of features, capabilities, technology, market, added value, bells and whistles, and scope. Some social media platforms have cool feature sets and seamless designs, while others offer a cluttered and noisy interface. Some have most of the desired package tools and community engagement, but miss the mark on privacy, censorship, reach, algorithms, functionality, relevance, or usability. While others have lost their zest and appeal and gradually become antiquated with each newer shinier platform.

social network, communication in the global computer networksWhat drives users to join and stay, or bail and flock? What keeps users engaged, interested, and loyal? Why do people gravitate towards certain social media companies, functions, and products? This Social Media Use 2018 study published by the Pew Research Center for Internet and Technology provides insight and addresses social media trends and demographics.

Does critical mass determine if a social media platform will be widely accepted, relevant, valuable, and worthwhile? Does it start out as trickles of interest, then a rolling boil, then a tipping point in critical mass, leading to full migration and popularity? How much does the quality of users over the quantity matter when utilizing a network?

Current 2018 marketing statistics reveal fascinating consumer behaviors regarding content marketing, social media, video marketing, advertising, and more. Companies pay enormous amounts to marketing research agencies to track digital trends, consumer behaviors, and dollars spent.

However, despite all the data collected and everything we’ve learned about how people use social media, much of social media falls flat. The existing structure and design of social media platforms, when primarily used as giant advertising vessels for mega-corporations and propaganda machines for governments, have become painful to be apart of and witness. The way in which social media networks and these public forums have been co-opted and manipulated is disgusting and the tolerance for social media to continue to be used and abused this way is sharply shrinking. The commodifying of our data and our lives has also run its course. And let’s not forget the rampant outrageous censorship. Have we had enough of being rats in their wicked wheel of misfortune and maze? Has anyone else noticed we have been circling around the drain for too long?


Isn’t it time for the masses to crack the code, break the mold, break down the systemic dysfunction, detach from the dependence, the addiction, and commodification of one’s data and info? For real this time! What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for a decentralized platform, a truly independent utility, — built using blockchain? An outlet to freely share content that you’ve created with whom you choose – no-holds-barred? Customizable to meet your needs? No advertising?! A secure vault to store, save, catalogue, and organize all of your data, media, files, publications, photos, videos, and other media creations? A streamlined way for you to leverage what you create and design, with the ability to not only share, but monetize your intellectual property and ideas? A platform that encourages activism, advocacy, and taking action? Are you waiting for a platform where you can host and be apart of groups without the fear that the group will be removed and deleted for some mystery reason?

Milky Way And Snowy Mountains. Fantastic View With Mountain RidgThe founder of was waiting for all of these capabilities and much, much more — out of pure necessity and identifying where the holes are, but also in anticipation of our vanishing freedom of speech and the corporate take-over of the existing platforms. Why wait when one can create?! This is what stepping up for the people looks like. This is what innovating from insight, inspiration, and leadership looks like. This is what empowerment looks like.

Let’s bring our creative juices, our unbridled spirits, our bold and wild ideas, and our open hearts to this creative cutting-edge collaborative venture. Be apart of what it feels like. Join the Sphir of influence and get ready to crack the social media mold, shape your own experience, and drive it forward.

Be a catalyst for change! Stay connected to receive pre-launch updates, by signing up on (name change coming soon!)!

~ Melissa A. Curtin


Be an innovator – Help us grow a new platform!

The social media landscape, in its current reiteration, feels like it has derailed from its initial purpose, intention, and scope.

What was the intended purpose for social media from a user perspective?

'social Media' Highlighted In Green

Was it meant to be a public forum, for free speech, to connect, share, collaborate, educate, inform, locate old friends, keep in touch with family/friends, make business contacts, provide feedback to businesses, and voice our concerns? To also connect networks and groups of people with shared interests, dreams, and goals? Social media are used for assorted purposes by a diversity of users. Since the launch of social media networks, how these sharing platforms have been utilized has drastically evolved and expanded.

Social Media Wordcloud GlowingHave we co-created a monster and hand fed it our desires, shopping habits, behaviors, interests, friendships, love lives, deepest secrets, and the inner-workings of our minds? Are we effectively sprinkling the breadcrumbs to our demise? Where are we headed if we continue this commodified course with us being the product?

What has social media really become?

Some say it’s partly a sludgy cess-pool buffet of trolls, saturated with advertising, sponsored, boosted, and paid messages, untrustworthy news agencies, clutter, distraction, rampant censorship, low integrity, no accountability, disappearance of core values, time-consuming, a huge privacy breach, and the precise tracking of our lives. Yet we’re not easily able to retrieve our information, comments, and history. And somehow we feel the need to continue sliding back to the hamster wheel under the illusion we are making progress?

Social media networks, like mainstream media outlets, sold us to their funders and sponsors, while they prostituted and paraded our personal information to the government, private corporations, and blatantly breached our privacy. But people stay. Not only do they stay, they become more entrenched, consumed, addicted, and don’t seem bothered or care. Why?

We know they are censoring, lying, suppressing the truth, spying, big brother monitoring, converting us – their product into dollars, pulling us into their system with their enticing web. We traded our privacy for technology, access to millions of users, convenience, digital community, and have fallen prey to their consumer-driven games to keep us there, like cattle or mice with amnesia who cannot escape the maze or cornfield. We are stuck within a gigantic advertisement and social experiment, our heads spinning from the overload of information, clutter, messaging, and distractions. This has sprawled out of control. But. we. return.

Since their launch year, social media networks have expanded and each platform offers their unique imprint and offerings to varying demographics. The launch of LinkedIn (2003), MySpace (2004), FaceBook (2004), YouTube (2005), Twitter (2006), Pinterest (2009), and Instagram (2010), birthed a technologically based cutting-edge format for connecting, engaging, and sharing visual and written content to the masses aside from traditional mass media outlets. There are redeeming qualities about each of the popular platforms and they serve different needs and purposes. Yes, there are benefits and gems amongst the sludge and crud or social media would have dried up long ago. Let’s not discount the merits of social media and the viral nature and power social media have.

Computer Keyboard With Social Media KeysBut what really keeps you returning despite the negative issues or pain points you experience? What inspires you to continue to connect on those platforms? Is it simply an addiction, habitual behavior, or does it offer something more fulfilling? Is it similar to being in a dysfunctional relationship where some feel it’s more convenient to just stay?

Is it really worth it to trade convenience, chronic connection, and instant access for your time, freedom, and privacy?

Why did you originally join social media or other content sharing networks? Is it possible for us to get back to the root and the foundation of why we wanted to connect in the first place? Let’s use our past and current experiences of social media, both positive, negative and neutral, to inform and leverage our motivations to move ahead and develop a revolutionary path. Together.

Magic Shining Gold Star With Dust Tail. Star Dust Trail With Gli

  • What do you desire in an online space?
  • What is it that you really want in a platform?
  • What would you like to co-create?
  • What keeps you returning to the social networks you currently access? (Is it the people? The technology, capabilities, and bells and whistles? User interface?)
  • What feature sets are essential?
  • What would you like to be able to do better? More efficiently?
  • What would you like to be able to do that doesn’t exist yet?
  • What is not working that you would like a solution to?
  • What issues of concern do you wish you had a solution for?
  • If you’re a truth-teller, activist, advocate, alternative practitioner or educator, artist, and content developer, what is missing across social media for your needs and “nice to haves”?
  • What is the benefit and reason to stay on current mainstream social media networks?
  • Is privacy and the selling of your information a concern? (The data harvesting, the tracking, spying, reviewing and logging of your messages, phone calls, and what you post and comment on.)
  • How alarmed or concerned about censorship (deletion, removal, banning of content) and the silencing of dissenting opinions are you? What effect does censorship have on content you’re interested in?
  • Do you have security concerns over managing and preserving your data, content, photos, visuals, video, and other media?

What do you envision for a new platform?

Alpine Mountain Lake, Green Meadows, Hiking Trail. Amazing ValleWe are at the precipice, dangling at the edge; the timing is ripe for an original, innovative social media platform utility. One that is decentralized, and truly free from the choke-hold of content control, censorship, and data harvesting. One that is not beholden to mainstream corporate interests, and where it runs on its own independent technological network — built using blockchain. A free-standing, self-governing, social media landscape game changer. Designed for the people with unlimited applications, but most importantly created with integrity and purpose at its core. Created to provide a voice, a platform for authentic expression, a fully-integrated and multi-purpose utility – loaded with an array of features and astounding capabilities. Designed to empower its users to rise up, create, collaborate, organize, and take action.

Will you take the leap into the pond of possibilities? Where we invite conversation, collaboration, the curation of information, communication, free speech, accountability, and respectful discourse – in a decentralized platform. A utility where you won’t be arbitrarily censored based on ownership or agenda, where your information will not be sold, where you can customize your account to include what you prefer to view, and where you can be apart of guiding the platform development process.

Join us to grow something new.

Let’s grow something different and transform the current media landscape into a beneficial partnership.

Shall we be innovative together? is coming soon and we’re energized for you to be a part of this unprecedented time in history to change the breadth and depth of social media.

To sign up for period updates pre-launch, visit and innovate with us!

~ Melissa A. Curtin




Your Perspective Decides: What will you choose to see and bring?

Have societies lost touch with humanity, integrity, ethics, and universal truths? Have we surpassed the point of no return? Is the zombie apocalypse on its way? Does it feel like the satanists and the insane are running the world into the ground with no regard for anything other than their sick and twisted, selfish interests? Have the environmental toxins, pollutants, and industrial poisons saturated our brains, dumbed us down, numbed our hearts — dimming our connection to our higher selves and souls? Has this made it easier to control and manipulate us?

Are we in a humanitarian, human rights, environmental, economic, and global crisis? Or are we experiencing a global awakening,  an unveiling of truth — a shift in consciousness and paradigm shift? Are all of these realities happening simultaneously?

Are things really any different than they were 100 years ago or are we just more aware of the corruption and illusion? All, some, or none of the above?

Your perspective decides. 

dslr photography lens. camera lens isolated with bokeh lights.Given the current media-saturated culture and ubiquitous nature of fear-based, emotionally triggered, and bias-filled news, propaganda, and disinformation, it’s easy to lose perspective and be sucked into the warped matrix of doom and gloom. But it is also possible to pull back, research more deeply, become more aware without being paralyzed by fear, and seek out a variety of sources to balance, inform, and ground your perspective.

However you feel, your opinion, what you identify with, and what you seek, is determined by your own personal bias, point of view, and your prior experiences and knowledge. Your perspective is shaped by who you are and your journey. It is partly based on your past, your present, what you anticipate for the future, and what you choose to tune in to and see.

Your perspective and perception affect your reality and how you view and process information through your personal lens. The lens you look through as an individual impacts how you receive or distort information. What you see or do not notice is filtered through your personal filter and based on a multitude of factors.

“We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin

Consider all the unlimited factors that influence your perspective from your race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities or disabilities, your vision capabilities, socioeconomic status, whether you are married, partnered, or single, if you have children, step-children, raised from a divorced or coupled home, education level, pets, political affiliation, age, health, what geographic region you live, if you’re homeless, level of consciousness, childhood, trauma experienced, current circumstances, your level of awareness, and much more. All of these factors code your story, unique perspective, truth, illusion, beliefs, perception, and expectations.

What perspective do you bring and offer as you maneuver through your day? How does your perspective affect what you observe, see, process, and integrate into your life? Perspective informs and shapes the way you approach your life, what you choose to see about your self, others, and how you view and embody the world around you.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

What you perceive as truth, reality, or illusion, is highly dependent upon, and subjective, based on who you are, what you focus upon, and how you interpret information. The angle from which you draw upon determines what you include and exclude from your point of reference and experience.

What you see depends not only on what you see, but what you look from (1)What do you perceive as truth, reality, or illusion? What is distorted based on who you are and what you see? How myopic or wide is your lens and perspective? Is there room for growth and expansion? How open are you to another side of an issue, opinion, or experience?

bigstock--159231797There are endless ways to build upon, deepen, and broaden your perspective.

  • Bring awareness to your perspective and adjust as needed.
  • Peel back the horse blinders and widen your perspective; it’s a bridging opportunity for respectful dialogue with others.
  • Be open to new perspectives and engage ideas that question your ways of knowing and the angles in which you perceive.
  • Recognize where your perspective can be stretched and loosened in the areas where you may default to rigidity and shut down.
  • Allow for flexibility.
  • Release the resistance and be receptive to challenge your perspective.
  • Listen.
  • Learn something new.
  • Welcome the clarity and possibilities that exist outside your comfort zone.

Your perspective is just a “spec” of the full tapestry in the beautiful mosaic of life, after all.

Vector Mosaic Art Pattern. Vector Mosaic ImageAre you ready to bring your slice of perspective, your wisdom, and all of who you are to a new paradigm of content sharing, community, collaboration, curation, connection, and much more? Join us and let’s create something magnificent together, at Medella!

~ Melissa A. Curtin